Dennis Houchin has spent nearly four decades as an entrepreneur, software developer, engineer and top technology executive on the cutting edge in the Information Technology field. He is currently teaching Cybersecurity at Vanderbilt University as an Adjunct Professor.  He has spoken to international groups such as The Project Management Institute, RSA Security, Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals, Toastmasters, and the Lions Club. Before setting out on a speaking career, he developed expertise in the areas in Software, Network, and Security engineering. In 2009 he began to focus more on ‘hacking’ human systems, specifically on understanding and applying the personality theories established by C.G. Jung to the various technical, marketing and operations people that had difficulty understanding each other.Dennis has addressed audiences of national security and hospitality industry conventions on the subject of improving IT productivity by improving the relationships between business managers and technical service professionals.

In 2015, he released his first publicly available book, The Achievement Protocol, which synthesizes the disciplines of Strategic Planning, Project Management, and Task Management into an easy to use system that anyone can use to help them achieve their life’s goals.

In 2016, he published The Passion Principles, a guide to identifying and creating a life of authentic passion.  He made this ebook available for free at all major ebook retailers. He is on track to publish his first work on Technogeekaphobia in early 2017.  Upcoming topics include Information Systems Management, and Strategic Planning for businesses.

Dennis is now bringing his messages of motivation, passion, and overcoming adversity to audiences around the globe. His presentations use humor and a deep personal connection with the audience to engage his audience and help them see the world in anew, in a way that enables them to live a more satisfying, more fulfilling life. 

Dennis teaches the same principles that he personally used to go from being a High School drop out to becoming a highly educated expert in Information Technology, completing his Baccalaureate of Science degree and earning his Master of Science degree while raising a family, building a business and creating a life worth living.

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